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This is my film "Nevermore," which I wrote, directed, and filmed myself! Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem, "The Raven," I gave the classic tale a comedic twist and created a film in the style of old horror movies.


Filmmaking is the art of humanity.

This page contains my filmmaking work and my involvement on film sets! Feel free to grab some popcorn and watch!

On-Set Photos

The Oval Office

Prompted by a project in AP United States History, my friend Addy Wood and I created the series, "The Oval Office." In this mockumentary series, the United States Presidents (and their wives) tell their sides of the story and determine what the true key to a good presidency is. 

Episode 1: Andrew Jackson

Episode 3: Presidential Zoom Meeting

Episode 2: Abraham Lincoln

Episode 4 pt. 1: First Ladies

Episode 4 pt. 2: First Ladies

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